Rainy Days

Stormy weather doesn’t have to stop the fun. Even if your outdoor plans have been canceled, you can still find plenty of fun rainy day activities to do at home. 

If rainy weather is keeping you cooped up inside, don’t fret. We’ve put together the ultimate list of rainy day activities for kids of all ages.

Family time means quality time. Regardless of it it is time at the dinner table, in church or watching a movie together, families form strong bonds when they connect on a personal level. Purposefully spending time as a family is immensely important.

Here’s the 5 Fun Activities for Kids:

Family Movie Day or Night

What’s better than cuddling up with your kids, a blanket, and a coffee table full of snacks for a family movie night? Not much. My kids love the opportunity to chow on munchies and watch a full-length movie.

Turn the family room into your own personal theater. You may be stuck at home, but with a little bit of work, a special movie night can feel like a private getaway. Find a movie the whole family will like, settle in and enjoy the show!

Family Games

If you’d rather your family time was spent sans screen, try a classic board game. Whether you’re snapping up real estate in Monopoly or resisting the tempting treats in Candy Land, playing board games is a great way to spend a leisurely day at home.

You will love that your kids get a break from the screens, and your kids will enjoy having you engage and play with them.

Blanket Fort

All toys are better when they’re inside a blanket fort, trust me. When the next rainy day comes around, pop-up your fort in the living room, and suddenly the room takes on a whole new feel.

For some reason, boring old toys take on a new life when under the roof of a blanket.

Play Hide and Seek

Your kids won’t be too difficult to find. Mine usually pop out of their hiding spots as soon as I enter the room, or demand to hide in the spot they just found me in. Play it up a bit and pretend they are impossible to find.

Cook Together

As long as the kids are stuck indoors, why not spend the day together making a family-favorite recipe? Make cooking fun with your assistant chiefs by assigning responsibilities. Whether mixing, slicing with supervision or laying out the paper plates, there’s a job for kids of all ages.

There is saying that goes: families that play together, stay together. Quality time with our family is paramount in building stronger relationships.


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