Taiwan has been a food place for travelers and tourists. It is an exquisite island nation smacked right between Japan and the Philippines. It has became Filipinos’ go-to place as it can be a budget-trip if you would want to have an international vacation. 

There are many things to be mesmerized about Taiwan. Beyond its attractions of night markets and several museums, what makes Taiwan is the city itself. You would be lured by its conveniences, such as its cheap and efficient metro system, and the well-maintained parks. Indeed, the character of putting its people first reflects on the wondrous appearance of the place. So, after looking for your DIY Taiwan itinerary, create your list of food places to go to chill. 

Here are the 5 food to try on your next Taiwan travel:

Gua Bao

Your tummy will be happy with this mini steamed buns which bottoms have been fried for a crispy bite to experience. This food is similar to xiao long bao, which contains juicy meat, chewy buns and its other flavors that will surely make your taste buds satisfied! 

Yong Kang Beef Noodle

This comfort food has surely been one of Taiwan’s finest! You will be served with a delicious bowl of misua (angel-hair flour vermicelli) with beef, tendon, and pork intestines. The matching taste of the tender meat and its spices will definitely make you love the city. This noodle soup will make you want to come back to Taiwan even if you are still there travelling. 

Bubble Tea Toast 

Feeling a little bit adventurous and want to eat something odd? You may find this Bubble Toast Tea at a night market stall in Kaohsiung. 

You will basically taste boba filled in a sandwich! Boba with a twist, indeed. 

Sheng Jian Bao

Enjoy a crispy fried bun that is filled with savory pork meatball! Sheng Jian Bao is served as a street food throughout Taipei, although this is originally from Shanghai, China. 

Brown Sugar Boba Milk

If Western countries have burgers and milkshakes, Taiwan has its now globally known boba milk and gua pao combination. 

You will find a drink of Brown Sugar Boba Milk in Chen Sang Di. Locals consider this place as a favorite stop to get this particular boba drink. Have a legit mix of tapioca pearls cooked in brown sugar and mixed with fresh milk. 


Taiwan is a certified den of street food! Start planning your trip now as Filipinos’ visit to the city is still visa-free until 2020. The city’s food will definitely pull yourself back into its satiating aroma. Have you decided to put these food on your list?  Please, let us know! Xièxie


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