Jake Cuenca and Marco Gumabao are buddies. As a result, he decided to call him first before attempting a love scene with Jake’s girlfriend, Kylie Verzosa, for Viva’s “My Husband My Lover.” He explained, “Of course, I had to ask him for his blessing because, even if we say work, I felt I had to be as a gentleman and a brother to him.” What was Jake’s reaction? he said “Bro, you have my blessing, Good luck!” Jake responded to Marco, according to Marco. He, of course, complied. As passionate as the love session appeared onscreen, according to Marco, who described it as “very hot,” he made it clear that everything was done “professionally” and “in good taste.”

In any event, Kylie was touched by Marco’s kindness. “I truly appreciate that with Marco,” she remarked. Jake, too, stated Marco did the right thing and that he appreciated it. He was the one who informed me that Marco had contacted him. The former beauty queen is overjoyed that her partner has no reservations about her carrying out the murder, at least on camera. “I always appreciate it when Jake supports my decisions in my care,” she said.


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