Disney just dropped the 2nd official trailer for its upcoming movie, Frozen 2. What destiny awaits for Elsa, Anna, and the whole Arendelle in this new film? 

Here, everyone will get to know the parents of Elsa and Anna, who in the first movie, died in a shipwreck caused by a strong storm.

The trailer showed the innocent kids, Elsa and Anna, together with their loving parents, wherein their papa tells a story about an enchanted forest that people of Arendelle could go to. He points that it is located in a faraway land in the north but something went wrong, which caused it to shut down away from the outside world. 

In their present life, something is calling Elsa. Anna goes with her in the journey to find out answers and to save Arendelle!

it just becomes even more exciting as new set of characters will join the two in a whole new world of adventure: King Agnarr, Anna’s & Elsa’s father (Alfred Molina); Yelena, unspoken leader of the nomadic Northuldra (Martha Plimpton); Honeymaren, free-spirited member of the Northuldra (Rachel Matthews); Ryder, Honeymaren’s brother (Jason Ritter); and Bruni, a curious salamander that lives in the enchanted forest of the north. 

Enjoy as Frozen 2 story unfolds to the fullest this Nov. 22!


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