Do you have trouble sleeping without someone beside you? Don’t worry because a recent study revealed that women in general could sleep better when they are beside their dogs instead of being with another person. The study was done by the experts, specifically Dr. Christy L. Hoffman, from Canisius College in New York under Anthrozoos journal.

However, do not assume that sleeping with a dog would immediately solve your sleeping problems. Though, it might help you if a fur baby responsibility is something you would gladly do.

Meanwhile, it does not mean that being with your dog while sleeping could solve your serious sleeping problems. It can be lessen, but guarantee that you still follow the prescribed solutions for you to have a proper sleeping habits.

Thus, we give you these helpful ways to save you from having sleeping troubles.

Pro Tips on How to Have a Peaceful Sleep:

Avoid Bright Lights at Night


We have this circadian cycle in the body that automatically dictates that it’s daylight because of the sunlight exposure we experience.

So, being exposed to bright lights can cause your body to be awake at day. As a result, exposing yourself to lights in the evening with your gadgets, PC, or television, brings signal to your brain that it is still daylight. Thus, that could make you feel awake even if you are already sleepy.

Spare Time for Work Out


Working out during daytime is proven to be effective to gain more energy and improve sleep quality.

On the other hand, if you are used to working out late in the evening before sleeping time, you may consider doing light exercise like yoga.

Take note that exercising late in the evening can affect your body clock and sleeping habits. So, it may be better now if you start becoming a morning person.

A 2-Hour of Sleep Is Not a Nap!


Experts suggest that a 10-20-minute sleep is the best length of nap time.

But that still depends on what time you woke up in the morning. So, if you want to learn a powerful nap without disrupting your evening sleep, you may do so.

Read this article by Forbes to know more about the best way to do napping.

Do a Mental Process of Your Tasks Earlier in the Day


Experts suggest that you could give at least 15 minutes to process everything that needs to be processed.

This is like writing on your journal, wherein you write down all your goals and your new bucket list. So, when the night comes, your mind will not be cluttered with all those things because you already thought them out on a paper during the day.

That would also be a good exercise to declutter and organize your thoughts everyday. Improve your problem solving through this practice.

In a Nutshell,

Sleeping early and properly is kind of a talent nowadays due to many distractions from advanced technology. It is really our self-discipline and control that should take over in whatever we do in our everyday lives.

Maybe think of the end goal — you are energized because you had a good sleep. Find the motivation to do the things mentioned above so you will be able to improve your sleeping habits.


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