Shopaholics, you still have three weeks to experience Great Singapore Sale happening until the 28th of July!

The festivity claims that this year’s celebration of this annual event in Singapore is more zest. As the event brings thousands of shoppers from different countries, they made the 2019 theme “GGS: Experience Singapore.” 

You will get to enjoy big discounts on fashion and make up brands. You can have up to 70% off on great finds! Not just that, but you can also get a taste of Singapore which is the main goal of the event

Looking for those great finds? Well, here are the three places you may visit for shopping: 

Orchard Road

You sayin’ Charles & Keith? Yes, GGS got your back as you fill your bags from buying from several retail stores. This particular brand is way cheaper here than in the Philippines. 

Orchard Road is known to be the home of Sephora, which also, of course, has discounted prices of the products for you. All cosmetic products are on sale up to 50% off from their original price. 

For young folks, however, this place could satisfy your cravings for cute and cool things like quirky earrings and statement necklaces. 

Not a shopping patronizer, though? You still might want to go out at night and enjoy the company of aspiring artists. Or if you feel hungry in the middle of the night, opt to buy some of the famous ice cream sandwich or wafer they have here. 

Haji Lane 

Feeling a little adventurous with your wardrobe color scheme? 

Haji Lane can give your closet a bit more color, if you’re planning to upgrade your basic outfits a bit. 

It has those trendier pieces that can surely attract younger (and even the not so young) shoppers. 

Haji Lane has the famous Instagrammable lane, which is the home of the small boutiques of handmade trinkets, statement accessories, cute baby doll dresses, maxi dresses, and colorful bags. 

You could take your OOTD at the wall murals, then shop some clothes to wear on your next OOTD, or maybe vice versa. Just do what makes you the happiest. 

Then, if you already feel tired from strolling, might as well rest your body and chill at one of those cafes along the street.

Bugis Street

Filipinos can’t go back home without bringing “pasalubong” for their loved ones. Yes, it’s an unspoken rule. 

Bugis Street can give you budget-friendly choices you may possibly purchase. 

Your relatives will not feel dreadful about getting shirts, because you can get them other goods with Singapore brand or the Merlion. You can also buy some tote bags that have that Singapore signature, of course. 

There are also some shops for stylish women to adore. You can have chic dresses for 10 SGD (377.96 PHP) or Korean trousers starting at the same price. 

Bugis Street also offer street food to refresh yourselves while thinking your next purchase. 

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