“Sarap naman i-rebond ng curly hair mo, Ma’am.”

“Wala po ba kayong balak magpa-rebond?”

“Pa-straight nyo na ‘yang buhok mo, Ma’am. Lalo ka pong gaganda!”

Raise your right hand curly girls for hearing these lines when entering or even just passing by hair salons. Right? Right.

Generally, Filipinos are very fond of having silky and straight hair, but my question is, what’s wrong with a curly hair? Yes, nothing! So, if you are just being pressured to rebond your hair, don’t listen to those people.

Start loving your kulot hair now and learn the following tips on how to keep it healthy and frizz-free:

1. Hydrate!


Not only your skin that needs hydration but also your hair.

Do you know about co-washing? This is about doing less shampooing and more on conditioner-washing. Ideally, you should only use shampoo once a week, and you should use conditioner in the remaining days.

Yes, it is easier to achieve the process when the weather in the country is a bit cold, but conditioner can do the cleansing even in warm days. What you need to do is gently massage your scalp after you have put conditioner and when you’re already washing it. It is quite tedious, but consistency is always the key.

2. Use Cotton Shirt When Drying


Towels are made with terry cloth that may cause your rough strand. This material is not delicate on curly hair and may cause frizz even before your hair actually dried.

Instead, use a microfiber towel or simply a cotton t-shirt. Most importantly, just pat your hair dry! Do not aggressively rub your hair with the towel. Matutuyo din ‘yan, ‘to naman!

3. Have You Plopped?

Image credits to Bloom Magazine by BeautyMNL

You should do plopping if you want more defined curls. The method will compress the curls from tip to root and will define them while they dry.

You get a large cotton t-shirt, then put it on your head. Then, voila! You now have your DIY head wrap. Let it sit for about 10-20 minutes.

4. Air-Dry Your Curls


After you have plopped your curls and removed your head wrap, you may now do the air-drying. Remember not to touch your hair while doing this, because touching it with your bare hands can cause frizz. You don’t want to waste all the efforts you’ve done, right? Then resist the temptation!

5. Use a Silk Scarf or Silk Pillow


Have you experienced having tangled hair after your sleep? Your pillow case might be the reason. While you sleep, cotton fibers tend to rub against your strands and deplete its moisture. This could result in long-term dryness, frizz, and worsen existing hair damage.

Therefore, a silk or satin is ideal to be your pillow case as its smooth texture creates less friction.

The hair is the crowning glory as they say, so give it a delicate and gentle care. Straight or curly, you should always be proud of it.

Having a curly hair nowadays is something that people find unique and attractive. So, flaunt it!


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