Heart Evangelista, rescue group provide shelter to homeless man adopting stray dogs

Heart Evangelista surprises Kuya Jun a a shelter to live in, in partnership with Pawssion Project.

After weeks of meeting a homeless man with seven dogs along Gilmore while looking for her missing dog, Casper, Heart Evangelista surprised ‘Kuya Jun’ a shelter where to stay.

Heart was moved by this homeless man whom she calls ‘angel’ after seeing him minding his own business while being surrounded by ‘angels sent by God’, as Heart describes.

According to Pawssion Project, the rescue group partner of Heart for this drive, Kuya Jun is a street sweeper who gets an allowance of P100 a day, all of which he uses to buy food for himself and his seven dogs.

The actress and Pawssion Project partnered to provide a Bahay Kubo with complete appliances and home items to Kuya Jun.

On the Instagram page of Pawssion Project, a glimpse of his story was shared.

“He had the simplest wishes, just a place where he can be with his dogs, and clothes he can use to go to church. We were all in tears when he cried for joy seeing his home and everyone else at the shelter giving him the warmest welcome. He said, every day, he prays for a home for him and his dogs, and we thank God for using all of us as His instruments.” 

The dog rescue group also addressed Heart Evangelista for helping out giving him a home. It is because of her why they have met Kuya Jun, whom they now welcome as a new family member.  

Heart, a known actress with a helping hand, posted on her social media accounts to let the world know about him and his big heart.

She also had a realization that Casper went missing that day for a greater purpose and that is to keep looking in the streets which will lead her to finding Kuya Jun.


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