Heart Evangelista is still in Paris attending the Paris Fashion Week.

Recently, the Kapuso actress attended a show by French fashion house Hermes wherein Jessica Jung, a former Girls’ Generation member, was her seatmate. 

Heart, who is an emerging Youtuber at the moment, confessed that she could wear a set of fake jewelry because she’s afraid to bring the real ones, especially when travelling abroad

“Actually, that’s my biggest secret, which I was about to say. When I travel, I usually bring all my fake jewelry. Sometimes, they’re a lookalike of what I really have, except (for) some stuff.” 

She also explained that she’s not maarte when it comes to those kind of stuff and lucky to not get irritated by wearing the fake ones. 

“I bring fake because I’m afraid to travel with real (ones) especially (because) I like to change up when I’m in fashion week, I changed my jewelry a lot. I liked to mix; I’m not maarte sa ganon. I’m lucky I don’t get itchy. Some people get itchy.” 

She even added that it does not matter if they are fake as long as they look good on you. 

What is important, according to her, is that women could express their individuality by wearing jewelry. 

“It’s a cherry on top. For me, it’s really to express my individuality. You can change your dress or wear whatever but the jewelry stays.”



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