Honda Automotive is partnering with Riot Games to be the exclusive sponsor of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). This collaboration also includes sponsorship of the League MVP, the LCS Scouting Grounds, as well as the production of custom content that features the League’s top athletes.

Honda’s move shows that it has also taken its venture into esports and it expects that this will further its market reach to young ones. 

The company has already built partnership with Team Liquid, the defending LCS champions, and it said its new sponsorship makes it the “first automaker in North America to sponsor both an esports league and an esports team competing in it.”

“We understand the passion of esports fans and how strongly they support the gaming community, and Honda is fully vested in creating one-of-a-kind, unforgettable experiences for gamers as we launch the next phase of Honda’s endeavor in esports and gaming,” American Honda media strategy manager Phil Hruska said.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) community. (Image source:

This partnership certainly makes sense as seen by the two companies. Riot gets its new financial partner for its professional league while Honda has the eyes of the “next generation of car buyers”. And with the games’ popularity worldwide, that’s quite a lot of attention.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of the gaming community, it is seen that esports is continuing to get the interest of a number of companies that neglected video games on the side of more traditional sports for their advertisement buys. 

League has undeniable value, but its collaboration with a big company like Honda proves that fact all the more. 


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