Hong Kong airport flights resume after pro-democracy protest

Operations at the Hong Kong International Airport resumed morning of Tuesday, as confirmed by the airport authorities.

On Tuesday morning, flights resumed at Hong Kong airport after pro-democracy protest forced to shut down the travel hub, according to authorities.

“We have resumed check-ins,” a spokesman for the airport told AFP, confirming that one of the busiest airports would be resuming its operation within the next hour. 

Passengers with luggage were being checked in for their flights and information boards showed some flights were already boarding or set to depart. 

All throughout the evening, rallyists gradually left the airport, but no police operation was there to clear them completely. 

In the meantime, only a few of them who crowded the airport stayed in the building and many of the posters and signs they had put all over the terminals were taken down. However, the graffiti – some reading “an eye for an eye” – has not been removed yet. 

The demonstrators acquired the slogan for their protest after a woman experienced a serious face injury, causing her one eye to lose sight, at a demonstration that turned wild on Sunday night. 

Protesters said that they still  have plans to go back to the airport in order to resume their demonstrations within the day. 

The airport rally arose since Beijing released a warning that demonstrations in the city has started “showing early signs of terrorism”. 

“Hong Kong’s radical demonstrators have repeatedly used extremely dangerous tools to attack police officers, which already constitutes a serious violent crime, and also shows the first signs of terrorism emerging,” Spokesman Yang Guang of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council said. 

Originally prompted by a bill that would have allowed extradition to China for the first time, the pro-democracy protests have placed into its worst political crisis since 1997 where it was handed over from Britain to China.

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