Hong Kong police faced off a mass of protesters in Yuen Long station, Wednesday evening after the pro-democracy or anti-government supporters were violently attacked by a group of men last month. 

Some protesters blocked the roads and flashed laser pointers to the police, so the authorities started what they called a “dispersal operation, using minimum force” near the conclusion of the event.

With their riot shields, the police confronted the remaining protesters, who in return defended themselves by spraying a fire hose, spreading soap, and stacking things up.

In addition, the demonstrators used up the fire extinguisher, which created an obscured visibility. Then, the shutters at the subway entrance were lowered to block the protesters inside. 

Fortunately, the clash concluded leaving no further incidents, as police withdrew and protesters flee from the station.

The event happened in commemoration of the July 21 attack by a group of masked assailants who were suspected to be involved in organized crime syndicates. 

With eyes covered, the demonstrators had their moment of silence for the woman who suffered an eye injury from police projectile. 

Throughout the protest, the residents were chanting “Liberate Hong Kong” and “Revolution of our times”. Besides that, they also pointed out the slow action of police with regards to investigating the attack that injured the protesters and spectators.

With this, the police were accused of conspiring with the assailants as they are delaying the investigation, which they have later denied.  

According to the police, they already have arrested a total of 28 people, though no one has been charged yet. They added that some of the arrested have triad links or involved in organized crime syndicates.

The pro-democracy protests started over two months ago and have soared into a political crisis as supporters continue to fight for full democracy as well the investigation of the said attack.


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