Filipino travelers are assured that Hong Kong is still a safe place to travel. 

Last Wednesday, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) Regional Director of Southeast Asia Raymond Chan assured that to Filipino travelers despite the ongoing protests

“Hong Kong is one of the safest cities in the world. Given the current situation, the tourism attractions in my opinion are not impacted, and transportation is still operating as it should,” Chan said. 

He guaranteed that Filipinos can still keep Hong Kong as their “getaway” and visit there “anytime of the year” — but specifically advised during the winter season or “Ber” months. 

“To me, I would definitely advise Filipino travelers to try to visit Hong Kong during winter because… in just 90 minutes, Filipinos can experience to really get away from the corporate heat and experience cool weather and second thing, Christmas is a big thing for people in the Philippines and in Hong Kong as well and it’s really festive in Hong Kong.”

HLG set in Hong Kong

Chan also mentioned the places where Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richard’s movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye” (HLG) was filmed. 

Chan shared that half of the movie was filmed in Wan Chai, SoHo and Old Town in Central — bars and hidden gems like antique jewelry, which were included in the movie’s plot, are here. 

Some romantic scenes were at Hong Kong’s mountain views and a financial haven which has attractive parks and outdoor getaways. 

Moreover, new attractions such as the gameboard-inspired theme park Monopoly Dreams located at The Peak will have their opening this year. 

Aside from the famous Disneyland and Ocean Park, Chan also boasted the shopping stops and the city’s lightings at night. 

“Besides a lot of shopping, the lightings in Hong Kong are pretty amazing!” Chan declared. 

 “And don’t forget about the New Year countdown in Hong Kong!”


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