Let us face the reality, today’s business world efficiently functions on a global stage and cultural diversity is on it.

Technology makes the world smaller as it gives companies of all sizes the freedom in recruiting the best people in every corner of the world. As technology emerges great strides into the future, people are also slowly jogging along in tandem.

Ronnie Flynn, the founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, managed to establish the company’s growth all over the globe. VMC’s innovations branched out to different corners around the world namely: Las Vegas USA, Philippines, Dubai UAE, Ukraine, and Indonesia.

Founder of Vuuzle Media Corp, Ronnie Flynn

So in what areas did cultural diversity sustain success in Vuuzle Media Corp?

Cultural Diversity in Marketing

Having a culturally diverse workforce establishes trust in your brand because of its wide target market.

VMC’s Vuuzle TV and Vumu Music cater to users all over the globe. All movies and songs in the platform are available to clients, no matter the location, as long as he/she has a device to connect to the internet.

Clinging to this strategy, success also came knocking in the company’s doors. In fact, the VMC just won Verizon Media’s 3rd annual brand-blazer award for innovation. (To learn more about this award, click HERE)

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Cultural Diversity in Operations

Valuing diversity enhances employee engagement as the company understands and respects different cultures. It also gives the company the freedom to hire the most talented people, regardless of their race.

Vuuzle Media Corp’s offices from different countries see each other through Zoom meetings. Its operations extend to Las Vegas USA, Philippines, Dubai UAE, Ukraine, and also Indonesia.

Ukraine Team
Las Vegas Team
Las Vegas Team
Dubai Team
Dayshift Employees of Philippine Team

Midshift Employees of Philippines Team

Founder’s lovely executive secretaries
Night shift employees of Philippine Team
Philippine Team Night Shift Employees
Night shift employees of Philippine Team

Indonesia Team

With this, the concerns of the Dubai team, for example, are directed to the PH Team instantly. VMC employees also celebrate their birthdays virtually across the globe. Aside from that, the timezone of each country is also considered in doing tasks. Every group of employees from each country works the plan out and also meets halfway.

When the pandemic hasn’t started yet, employees have the benefits of traveling across nations. One also gets to know the culture of another. Regardless of traveling, the new technology binds talented people to one common goal.

Cultural Diversity in Innovations

Diversity within a product development team is very powerful and impactful. Also, when the ventures sync with diverse target markets, the team behind innovates products or services that satisfy the target markets’ needs. Definitely, a diverse workforce understands and functions better in diverse markets.

The innovations of VMC like Vuuzle Studios in Dubai, Dubai Shopping Channel, Vuuzle TV, are all products of multi-cultured employees who also integrated their ideas into excellent outputs.

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Vuuzle Studios

The Vuuzle Studios in Dubai’s design for example, is also an interesting mix of Hollywood and other cultures. Vuuzle Studios is also equipped with the latest technology and uses the world’s most advanced film technology to produce live television programs. Earlier, Vuuzle Studios held its grand launch and premiere at Dubai, UAE, which were attended by popular and rising stars.

Wall design of Vuuzle Studios that showed its impact in the entertainment industry
The majestic entrance of Vuuzle Studios

The professional setup of stage production of the Vuuzle Studios

The artistic interior of Vuuzle Studios featuring wax figures of popular characters

Vuuzle TV

Movies in Vuuzle TV run from a wide range of genres that are available and can be enjoyed by all races. The shows and movies here offer different tastes of entertainment. It places unique content that can be watched online and free. 

This media platform contains more than 40 genre categories from comedy, drama, family and children’s programs, classics, horror to cinema. 

Watch the HipHop Cardio on Vuuzle TV
Discover the other side of Pole Dancing in Vuuzle TV
Vuzzle TV releases new series “The Portal”

Vumu Music App

On the other hand, VUMU Music app offers a wide range of songs that are in-demand worldwide. The VUMU Music project is an easy-to-use huge music library. Vumu’s design revolves around “playlists” where you can listen to a song, go to an artist’s album, or listen to similar songs by genre. You can also turn on the radio at any time.

Browse classic songs on VUMU Music
Fall in love with romantic songs available at VUMU Music

photo by Joe Torres | Vuuzle Media Corp Graphic Designer

Developing cultural competence results in an ability to understand, communicate with, and also effectively interact with people across cultures, and work with varying cultural beliefs and schedules.

As a result, understanding cultural diversity challenges a company to use it as a positive tool in the business. In order for diversity to bring strength, it should be valued in the corporate philosophy. It must also be integrated into company practices. It really takes a lot of time and a deep commitment to celebrate diversity. Workers must also be open-minded and non-judgmental in order to truly understand how cultural diversity can impact the workplace and make it better.

Globalization is here to stay, and that means successful organizations must also provide support for initiatives that create a culturally diverse workforce, which Vuuzle Media Corp has succeeded.

Written by Jade Hernandez | Vuuzle Media Corp Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

Download VuuzleTV on IOSAndroidRoku, or online at Vuuzle. tv. Also, see tons of channels and thousands of movies all free! Vuuzle is also a premium streaming service that offers live video content. Examples are hit television shows, news, sports, and also feature-length movies.


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