MANILA — Air conditioners are designed to withstand light ash falls and are safe to use in this instance, said the Filipino manufacturer of AC units on Monday, as urban areas cleaned up ash from the Taal Volcano.

Jojo Concepcion, CEO of Concepcion Industrial Corp., which manufactures Kelvinator, Condura and Carrier products, said that a specialist should wash the AC systems after ash fall, regardless of whether the ash falls are light or heavy.

He added that if the household used the air conditioners during ash fall, members should prevent the ash and dirt from entering the house. It’s necessary since the air conditioner unit reprocesses the air inside.

If the repair team is not immediately available, Concepcion said that the part of the AC unit that it’s outside could be cleaned with a garden hose.

The unit’s surroundings should still be cleaned even if the aircon is not used during ashfall, he said.


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