Huawei is set to unwrap its Mate 30 series of smartphones! 

The company has teased the premium features of their new devices, thus proving its name as one of the world’s top largest smartphone vendors. 

Huawei’s Mate 30 series is expected to have 5G access, improved low-light camera performance, slow-motion capture, and faster overall performance. 

It is a competition entry against its rivals Samsung and Apple that have already released their newest set of smartphones. 

Huawei consumer business group CEO Richard Yu will hopefully tell the full details of the Mate 30 at 8 PM (in Manila) as well as its other devices and accessories.

Huawei will try to stand without Google 

However, this will be the Shenzhen-based company’s “first” smartphones after being blacklisted by the United States back in May. The Chinese company was not allowed to buy and have products from the Americans. 

However, Trump took back the ban after American companies said they are in pain of not being able to sell to one of the largest smartphone dealers. 

And then in August, Huawei has introduced its operating system HarmonyOS as a replacement for Google Android, in case Trump will have issues against them again.  

However, the Mate 30 phones will come with Google’s open source Android operating system but not the access to the Google Play Store or apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. 

Also, third party apps like food delivery services and ride-hailing platforms which rely on Google maps would no longer function as the phones will have no access to Google services. 


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