Indie movie “Midnight in a Perfect World" is now on hot seat.

The Indie movie “Midnight in a Perfect World” is now on the hot seat. Lead actors Jasmine and Glaiza said an actor’s political stand should never affect how he chooses his film projects.

“I try as much as possible not to let my personal views in politics influence the stories I tell. Not unless the story I’m telling really goes against what I believe is right. Or does not leave room for open discourse,” Jasmine told reporters during the virtual media gathering to announce the global release of the Indie movie.

“However, when I got the script, it didn’t come with a briefer saying the indie movie was in reference to a certain happening in our culture or our country,” Jasmine added. “I simply read it at face value to learn about the narrative that it was trying to tell. I only asked questions when we were already shooting.

“For me, what matters most is that you spark a conversation. If we feel strongly about a particular view, we should also be open to talking and discussing issues with those who are on the other side. That’s the only way we can achieve harmony,” Jasmine pointed out.


In the near future, Manila is an almost-utopian city. However, they still believe in ghost stories. People wonder why people mysteriously disappear after caught out in mysterious electrical blackouts. This happens at random parts of the city after midnight.

Their only refuge is special safe houses installed by the authorities. These safe houses are usually two storeys high. The ground floor is for those who come in just in the nick of time. No one knows who or what is inside the locked up second floor.

Four friends who think its all a hoax, find themselves getting caught out in one. As the city lights start going out one by one, they manage to take refuge inside what looks like a designated safe house. The phone rings and they realize one of them is still out there. Something is chasing him. Before the night ends, they will each make a decision that will cast light on just how safe their “safe house” is. what really lurks in the mysterious darkness outside?


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