In this modern time of having a lot of beauty essentials to take into consideration, we often get confused on what products we should really prioritize. However, our bare skin does not necessarily need all those “chemical” ingredients to glow. 

The main secret to having a healthy-looking skin is about changing your inner beauty regimen too. That means, it is not just putting all those products on your face but also  prioritizing your internal well-being, and the glow will eventually reflect on the outside. 

So, let’s learn all these beauty basics that are not actually makeup products to help you achieve that glowy-looking Filipina skin! 



Philippines is a tropical country, so sunblock is definitely a must. However, in Filipino culture, most people are used to the application of sunblock when they ONLY go out for a swim. 

Applying sunblock on skin can prevent premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation caused by the harsh UV rays from the sun. Therefore, make sure to slather a good amount of that SPF to avoid those wrinkles at an early age. 



A famous myth to most of the Filipinas out there is that moisturizing is not needed anymore because it adds up oil to the face, especially when it’s really hot. 

But the truth is, the skin is producing oil because it is compensating for the dryness of the skin. Thus, moisturizing is a huge help in keeping your skin healthy. Moisturize your face as well as your body! 

Lip Balm


Yes, do not forget to take care of your lips! We know how the humidity in the Philippines can chap lips, so moisturize them too. 

Take lip balm as your primer for any lip product you want to apply after to keep it moist and protected. 

Blotting Sheets


There are just those days when you can’t control that excessive oil from your face. Blotting papers are more helpful in achieving clear skin than piling another layer of face powder on your already sweaty face. Skip that powder to avoid having more black heads and start grabbing an oil film and delicately blot away. 

Compact mirror


A compact mirror for girls-on-the-go who always do their makeup in the car is a must. 

You might have been using your phone as a mirror, but an actual one is more satisfying than your blur image in the camera. Bringing one will allow you to do your makeup anywhere and anytime of the day. So, if it’s night time already, having a mirror will allow you to use your phone’s flashlight while doing your makeup. A small one will suffice, so don’t bother if it’s going to fit in your purse. 



Aren’t you feeling dreadful just seeing the word “exercise”? Yes? Don’t be! To be able to exercise, you don’t have to spare the half of your 24 hours a day to do it. Moreover, it’s not about getting that gym membership and professional trainer to achieve it. 

Doing just a 10-minute exercise everyday can relatively affect your body appearance and performance. You might also want to get into that hobby of yours again. You can do dancing, yoga, or swimming. Not only that, if your place is just walking distance, might as well forget about that tricycle and flex those feet to sweat!



This has been one of the first steps to having a healthy-looking skin since ancient times. Hydrating yourself will not only give you better digestion, but can make your face glow too! 

Therefore, just drink enough water everyday! No further argument. 



It is understandable when you only have a few hours of sleep if even in your dreams, your job haunts you. But, do not forget that it is very important to sleep! 

You may instead spare the time you spend in social media into your sleeping hours. Furthermore, detoxifying yourself from social media has a great effect on your life. So, make sure to schedule your sleep if you want to look naturally fresh and beautiful everyday. 



Smiling will make your face instantly glow even if you do not do everything on the list. This is the most non-luxurious thing to have, so do it! It is the best accessory any person can wear as they say, so please smile. 

Spread positivity by smiling. Your heart may be aching at the moment, but at least you let another person not to feel the same burden because you smiled at her/him. Take it from Mother Teresa, Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.” 


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