Everyone knows what Microsoft Teams is basically all about — a hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365.

As businesses tend to switch from office based operations to work from home setups, effective communication is a bit harder to grasp, as several factors come into the way. Time Zones and cultural differences mostly affect distant teamwork particularly with global companies.

Microsoft Teams emerged as a digital solution in bridging these gaps through innovating teamwork in a distance. But are you taking full advantage of it in this growing and ever changing nature of business and communication?

Here are some “hacks” you never knew to maximize Microsoft Teams

Utilize Meeting Enhancements

Conversations within employees don’t always mean boring and all about graphs and charts. To enhance Microsoft Team meetings, you can inject a dose of fun within chats and feeds. Animated GIFs and colourful stickers are readily available to brighten up the mood and make everyone chuckle from time to time. These of course are just the tip of the iceberg. By and by, you can explore other functions that best fit your work style.

Use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams now features Breakout Rooms! These rooms allow users to create rooms within rooms, wherein you can have a separate meeting within a meeting. This feature is most ideal for people attending a meeting but also prefer having private chats to juggle up work time more efficiently.

You Can Facilitate Effective Teamwork

Teamwork is nothing when target output quality and deadlines aren’t met. There are several ways to facilitate effective teamwork using Microsoft Teams. When applied correctly, good results will slowly emerge from the team’s productivity.

Run Translation of Team messages

As mentioned earlier, cultural differences can affect the quality of project teamwork. Language barriers are often the culprit for work-related misunderstandings. Microsoft Teams now allows its users to directly translate messages within the conversation. This feature is a lot handier than using third-party browsers or applications to translate.

Group Users Into Tags

Creating a main group is not enough, of course. Having subgroups based on projects handled, roles, location, shift schedule or culture can be a lot useful. Tags can efficiently carry out this purpose to mention or start a conversation with everyone included in a specific classification. Microsoft Teams allow you to create and manage tags efficiently .

Run Urgent Notifications

Announcements are never the same as one reminder is more urgent than the other. With a lot of reminders that seem to bombard users, some urgent and important matters tend to be overlooked. Microsoft Teams allow users to create urgent notifications that will remind team members every two minutes for 20 minutes, or until they read it.

Test Communication Strategies

Some most common Microsoft platforms like Skype and Yammer tend to have the “redundant” effect in their functions. However, not because the features in these platforms overlap with other Microsoft platforms, you should stick to using one. As a versatile employee, you may think of this as an opportunity to explore different communication strategies to discover what works best for the team.

Share Conversations With New Team Members

As companies grow into success, more employees are needed to fill in additional workloads. Microsoft Teams makes onboarding newly-hired employees easy and time-efficient. Instead of the traditional way of forwarding a bunch of emails and documents, new employees can now access past conversations and projects to catch up with the company’s pace. This feature saves a lot of time as seniors or coaches do not start from scratch in explaining the in and out of the company all over again.

Use SharePoint to Store and Share Files

SharePoint is quite common among employees in terms of file storage and team collaborations. However, SharePoint also has a unique feature that allows you to share files directly from SharePoint to your preferred team channel. These files can also be accessed through Office Online or Office Desktop.

How you manage your work teams determine the employees’ productivity and results of a project. Workflows tend to be effortlessly more efficient and effective when taking full advantage of Microsoft Teams. There is so much to discover and explore to analyse work behaviours, and utilise technology to catch up to the fast-paced world of business. Switch Connect will be your backbone to your access in essential and relative insights.

Ready? Set. Teams.

Written by Francesca Jade S. Hernandez


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