Federico Paniagua, a biologist and head University of Costa Rica’s Insect Museum, discovered strange but healthy alternatives to potato chips. 

In their household at countryside Costa Rica, Paniagua’s family enjoys snacking on their farm-raised insects which, according to him, tastes the same as potato chips. 

Three years ago, he decided to substitute animal protein with ants, crickets, cockroaches, beetles, and other various insects, encouraging others to try the same in their diet. 

In an interview with him at his farm in Sarchi, he said that insects are delicious. 

“You can sit and watch a soap opera, watch the football game, do any activity with a plate full of insects. Eat them one by one, with a glass of soda… they’ll go down well,” said Paniagua.

Meanwhile, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United States  listed over 1,900 insects as edible

In fact, insects, especially in Asian and in African countries, are considered as delicacies as they are rich in minerals, vitamins and energy. 

Promoters also point out that these tiny creatures release lesser ammonia and greenhouse gases than swine and require unquestionably lesser land water space compared to cattle. 

Gabriela Soto, Paniagua’s wife, showed how she prepared their meal by dashing oil into a pan, then adding their farm-raised insects and putting a little amount of salt. 

Afterwards, she served the insect dish to her family and together they munched the food without hesitation. 

“They are going to taste like potato chips… you can eat basically a whole plate of these insects,” said Paniagua. 


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