Apple has unveiled its newest iPhone11 with its cheaper starting price, longer battery life, and an improved camera. 

The biggest tech company revealed on September 10 that the cost of iPhone11 entry level is at $699 or P36, 456, which is cheaper than the $749 iPhone XR a year ago. 

Even after other smartphone manufacturers recently had theirs at around $1,000, Apple still pushed through with the prices of their newest iPhone. 

There will be three versions of the iPhone 11 — Pro models with triple camera and its other advanced features starting at $999 and $1,099, boasting its upgraded feature of ultra-wide camera lenses. 

Apple chief executive Tim Cook told expectators that the new iPhones are “jam-packed with new capabilities and an incredible new design.” 

However, there is no release of official pricing for the Philippines yet. 

Meanwhile, here are the countries that offer cheapest iPhone11:

Image Source: data wrapper

Everything are converted into pesos, and Singapore has the highest price while cheapest in Canada. 

Prices of Iphone XR after iPhone release: 

Image source: data wrapper

With the release of the iPhone11, you can get an iPhone XR now for a lower price. Some tech enthusiasts even say that it is better to purchase the latter, regardless of iPhone11 minor upgrades. 

Would you purchase an iPhone11?


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