The famous celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua has stated his truth over spreading rumors by an anonymous account, who claims she had a child with him and that he sleeps with his clients. 

Magbanua was a trending topic on Twitter Philippines yesterday after a Facebook post of one “Jaime Dy” circulated on social media this past week. 

This person accused Jason of being a hooker of his clients—bridesmaids and maids—and that she had a son with Magbanua. However, this person has no credentials and information posted on her account. 

According to Magbanua, this persona has been anonymously attacking him, his friends and family, especially his kids, and his clients for the past several months. 

“How do you fight a ghost? an anonymous account who’s been harassing you, your family, your friends and clients for the past four months. Nameless and faceless,” says Magbanua on his tweet this morning.

Magbanua answered his own question and said to remain silent because people “would not give credence to an anonymous account.” 

The story of Magbanua’s harasser was that she got pregnant after meeting the videographer in 2015. However, she said she chose not to speak with Magbanua because she knew about his ex-wife and girlfriend. Dy also added that she raised their ill son alone without bothering Magbanua, until the child died of leukemia. 

“The person – Jaime Dy – is a fabricated persona with a fabricated story. Any half-sane person would not reconnect her child with an estranged father with the manner you went about.  Call me, show up at my office, (which is public information), get a lawyer. IDENTIFY YOURSELF,” said Magbanua on Twitter.

The harassment 

Magbanua said the fabricated persona has been harassing his family.

Dy, based on their investigations, is also the person behind the Instagram account @sigmund_magbanua that also harassed his daughter. This account messaged Magbanua’s daughter, asking for and telling explicit things. 

Magbanua, however, also called out this anonymous account, revealing that the IP addresses of the Facebook and Instagram accounts are just directly from Makati City.

“[Hindi ka taga Tampa, Florida. Don’t delude yourself. All the pings and IP addresses of your IG accounts point to Metro Manila. For all we know taga P. Burgos, Makati ka lang.” 

“Leave my children out of this,” added Magbanua on his Twitter thread

Magbanua said he did not open up to clean his hands. 

“So ayan, first and last statement ko. Tagal ko kinikimkim yan. Hindi ito hugas kamay. I’m not a saint. The hardest lessons are learned through the hardest ways. The most painful ways.” 

“But you know guys – I’ll rise above this. This won’t define me. Just wait and see,” Magbanua ended. 


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