If there’s a will, there’s away.” Celebrity couple John Prats and Isabel Oli proved this to be true yet again by mounting a maternity photoshoot for their third baby, where else but at home. In short, they did it in the garage. Isabel will “certainly treasure” the photoshoot. Consider this a part of the new norm, but I’m really praying and hoping for change and miracle,” she added. “Instead of idly waiting for the medicine and vaccine of COVID 19, we have a choice to be creative and productive, right? And this is us, the Pretties, squeezing our creative juices to make this photoshoot come to happen.”

John and his sister, Naomi, took the photos while Isabel did her own hair and makeup. Say, teamwork!!! I’m so used to having my own glam team, stylist, photographer, and studio. So imagine how overwhelmed we were while doing the shoot, but it was all worth it,” Isabel noted. “I would say that it made it all the more special – doing it with people who matter to me. So going to share with you some photos my hubby and sissy took.” And yes, I know, some of you will comment on my big tummy but please, spare me the bashing. OB said baby #3 and I are healthy, normal, and doing okay.”


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