Julia and Joshua stars on music video "Paubaya"

Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia are back! A music video trends where they play a couple whose wedding day ends in heartbreak.

“Paubaya,” a “hugot” hit from Moira Dela Torre released last year, finally got a bittersweet music video. This video was released on Valentine’s Day.

It features Julia and Garcia as a couple about to be married, but there appears to be an air of uncertainty between them. Flashbacks show happier times together, especially when they first got engaged.

On their wedding day, Julia walks out, unable to say her vows to Garcia. In the middle of the 10-minute music video, Julia returns to the church and sees Garcia has stayed put. Both in tears, the two apologize to each other and thank each other for what they had.

Within a few hours of its release, the video has earned over one million views, as of writing. The music video was directed by Niq Ablao and written by her with Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez.

For some fans in the comments section, the love team known as JoshLia showed true emotions and that this was a form of “closure” for them.

Starring in movies such as 2016’s “Vince and Kath and James” and 2017’s “Love You to the Stars and Back,” the actors drew romance rumors but were coy about being a couple. Julia confirmed in 2019 that they had broken up. While promoting their movie “Block Z” in January 2020, they said that they were able to remain friends after the split.

Barretto has been linked to actor Gerald Anderson, though the two have yet to confirm their relationship.



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