No pandemic could stop prepared artists Juris and Sitti from making sure about additional pay for their family especially during the  wellbeing emergency. In the ongoing scene of “Magandang Buhay” — where the two seated as visitors — they discussed about their new endeavor, attempting their hands in the online food business. Sitti has been conveying Bacolod-style custom made chorizo through her Klim’s Chorizo, while Juris sells treats, soft bread rolls, banana choco portion, choco loaf, and other homemade goodies at her Made by Juris.

According to Sitti, her small food business began when they had the option to sell the initial three kilos of chorizo. “I don’t figure we can sell that. So now we have about 60 kilos of pork consistently. So when I realize our journey from that small starting since we have a business, I get the motivation there that the pandemic doesn’t stop all the inventive cycles or all the creations that can be done, ”she shared. “Indeed, even around us it seems like nothing, however we have and can accomplish something,” Juris said her most recent undertaking was something that just fell into places.

“Since it’s (baking) something that I appreciate doing. ‘My husband also encouraged me to go ahead. Since I am not a businessman. I know nothing about it. ‘My better half, he knows there. So that part of the arrangement, I am all that, ”she stated, adding how hands-on she is that she even planned their logo and printed it also. Just as costing me… done research. I feel like amazing, you satisfied somebody as well. ” But more than anything, she loves the way that it was additionally a route for her children to bond with her.


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