Keiko Necessario has put out the second single from her upcoming album “Ready, Let Go.” Titled “Dangerous,” it centers on the dilemma of whether or no feelings should be revealed to someone. “I wrote ‘Dangerous’ with the idea of how difficult it could be to love someone you weren’t supposed to fall for,” says Keiko. “It’s hard because doing something about it or not might mess things up. The song’s verse ‘though I’m damned if I don’t and damned if I do’ shows what I’m expressing. Whatever the decision, there’s no way to win.” Keiko wrote music at an early age and the new album under Warner Music shows how much she has grown.

“Music is like a twin sister. I grew up with it as it is naturally present in my life,” says Keiko. “I’ve been singing my whole life and it was in 3rd grade when I wrote my first song and I didn’t stop ever since. I used to write about romance when I had no clue what it was. I learned more about music through the years and, my love, for it grew.”


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