Kevin Durant leaves Warriors to sign with the Brooklyn Nets

Two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant confirms transfer to Brooklyn Nets for a max deal worth $164 million.

Kevin Durant announced his departure from the Golden State Warriors, his team for three seasons, to sign with the Brooklyn Nets.

The two-time NBA Finals Most Valuable Player made his announcement through The Boardroom’s Instagram page confirming that he will sign a max deal with the Nets after the start of NBA’s free agency period.

Durant won two titles with the Warriors in 2017 and 2018 then suffered from a ruptured Achilles tendon in game five of this season’s finals as they lost to the Toronto Raptors. His injury would not permit him to join the entire season. This means by the time he comes back, he will be with the Nets.

In a previous report of ESPN regarding Durant’s decision, the 30-year-old basketball player said that he agreed to max deal worth $164 million for four year. The Warriors could have made him stay for five years if they offered him  about $221 million.

For the meantime, teams cannot sign with player until Saturday as it is under the NBA free agency rules. Therefore, until then, no deals will be confirmed yet. 

Kyrie Irving to also join the Nets

NBA All Star Kyrie Irving (Image source: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Media outlets in the US reported that Kyrie Irving, Boston Celtic’s playmaker, would be transferring with Durant in Brooklyn on a $141 million worth deal for four years. 

Once Durant comes back from a year of rehabilitation, this could give the Nets a powerful duo and an access to the next finals, if he will be able to gain back his strength from the injury.

During the start of the 2016 free agency period, the Warriors convinced Durant, who just left Oklahoma City Thunders, to join them after they Cleveland Cavaliers defeated them in the NBA Finals.

Warriors might have gotten their third-year NBA title if Durant did not experience a right calf injury. He even contributed 11 points in 12 minutes before getting a rupture tendon that eventually required surgery.


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