Filipino ONCE made their way to buy tickets!

Since the ticket selling was announced last 18th of May, the lovely fans and supporters prepared themselves to attend the most-awaited Manila TWICE concert tour of the all-girl group at the Mall of Asia Arena on June 29.

Their unconfined excitement fueled up the Twitter world wherein #TWICEinManila became a trending hashtag that day. Filipino ONCE waited for 20 days to finally grab concert tickets via online and outlets of SM tickets. Yesterday, June 2, the most-awaited day finally came over! The fans waited vigorously—some were even there before the opening time of malls. There are a lot of stories circulating online showing how fanatic they have become. They endured hunger, scorching heat, and all-over sweat just to secure a seat!

Every Fangirl’s Demise

But just like any other stories, there’s feeling of victory and defeat. There are those who did not make it as the ticket sale was sold out for less than 3 hours only! The clamouring fans were no chill at all. Those who luckily purchased tickets expressed their happiness and excitement on social media. According to them, they cannot wait to spend the night with the KPop group they stan. Sadly, the unlucky ones who did not get a chance to secure a seat also stormed the Twitter with rants of disappointment, sadness, and a call for Day 2 concert!

TWICE Concert: The Silver Lining

The ONCE fandom is beyond thankful for making the concert possible and sold out! Someone tweeted that it only shows how remarkable and loved the girls are here in the country.

Tweets of ticket offers circulating on social media, hoping to “help” out fans who were not able to purchase tickets. But the thing is, it is much expensive than the original price! For die-hard fans, there is no doubt for them to grab it. The VIP standing A/B/C/D ticket just costs P12,500 but there is someone reselling a Lower Box ticket for P15,000! Don’t be a victim of this scheme.

How about you? Share with us your hunger game-like concert ticket story!


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