Young star Kristel Fulgar is thankful stars have lined up for her. On Star Magic’s “Star Beginnings,” the 25-year-old celebrity recalled her journey. Never in her most out of this world fantasies did she consider turning into an entertainer. As a child, she just realized she had an ability for singing so she just idea of turning into a singer.” The acting resembles enchantment that came,” was how she put it. Kristel said her vocation began after making it to the great finals of MTB’s “Munting Miss U.” After that, an ability facilitator moved toward her and exhorted her to try out for a section on a teleserye. “I still don’t want that because I know I don’t know how to act and I have no experience,” she related. But when she learned the character requires an actor who knows how to sing, she gave it a shot and succeeded.

In any case, it’s in vlogging that Kristel discovered her specialty. She noted it was only a test she never knew would click—yet it did. Many of her video entries have trended. It’s vocalist Yeng Constantino who urged her to video blog when they cooperated at a show in Canada. Because of vlogging, a significant number she had always wanted to have materialized. “I said perhaps I am for the computerized world.“I said maybe I am for the digital world. That’s when I realized… because there are so many I can be – actor, singer, vlogger… I don’t know where to concentrate. But now I can say that I focus more on vlogging, ‘that’s what I enjoy more now, she revealed.


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