After the release of Charlie’s Angels on November 13, 2019 in the Philippines, Kristen Stewart will lead the cast of another big-budget action film ‘Underwater’ in January 2020.  

After fighting vampires, wolves, and syndicates, Stewart will face sea monsters in Underwater. The film will be her next big release after her turn in Charlie’s Angels with Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska. 

Stewart will be shifting her indie-darling reputation from being the Bella Swan in Twilight movies into something comedic and bad-ass star in these two actions films. She will be having two big-budget action movies in just two months. 

However, Kristen Stewart will be joined by T.J. Miller, Vincent Casse, Jessica Henwick, and John Gallagher Jr. in this film. 

Underwater is a story of a crew of underwater researchers thriving to stay safe after the devastating earthquake had destroyed their subterranean laboratory. Their location is seven miles below sea level and will fight against a bizarre creature — their tagline goes, “7 miles below the ocean surface, something has awakened.”

The trailer was just dropped on YouTube under 20th Century Fox account and now has 1.1M views. 

Disney’s purchase of 20th Century Fox 

Underwater was already filmed two years ago and finished post-production until late 2018 — several months before Cassel, and Miller, who was accused of sexual violence, got in their positions in the project. 

This film was reportedly pushed because Disney purchased 20th Century Fox. 

The “monsters in the deep” action-thriller film has already spent 65$ million courtesy of director William Eubank and screenwriters Brian Duffield and Adam Cozad. It will be the production’s first big release in 2020. 

People claim that this will be the 2020 version of the Deep Star Six and Leviathan films in 1989, comparing it to stories that involve navy engineers and sea monsters. 

The film will be in theaters on January 10, 2020.


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