Lara Quigaman gives birth to another angel on their family on September 17, 2020, Another baby bot named Moses marc Alcaraz. Lara posted a photo’s on Instagram

“Thank You Jesus, for another undeserved gift… my heart is so full! My whole being overflows with gratitude and awe. You truly are a good good God!” Lara wrote. Her husband is named Marco Alcaraz, who is the same such as her, creating a commercial creating a movie. It’s their child, their first child’s name is Noah that is 8 years old now.

Many of their showbiz friends congratulate them on their picture on Instagram. one of them is coney Reyes and he written a comment “Congratulations on the latest addition to your family! @marcoalcaraz @laraquigaman Another precious blessing from our Lord! ❤️🙏 May God guide you always in bringing up your children in His ways! God bless your beautiful, growing family!” coney wrote.


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