The transition from high school to college can be a bit overwhelming for most of the students. A lot of adjustment has to be made especially when you are not used to working or living independently. But don’t worry, we have prepared the best life hacks college freshmen should know to help you gear up for your next journey.

Top Life Hacks for Incoming College Students

Studying Hacks

Study before going to bed. It is proven by researchers that studying before sleeping helps you remember more effectively than studying in the morning before you head off for the whole day. Sleep assists in stabilizing the memories we build the whole day. On the other hand, being awake creates interference in our memories which cause us to have a hard time recalling.

Manage your time. Time management is a must upon entering college. One of the most effective techniques you may want to use is the Pomodoro Technique. Here, you break your workday into 25-minute chunks with 5-minute breaks. After four pomodoros or intervals, you take 15 to 20-minutes break. Through this, you won’t overwork yourself in studying or doing school requirements.

Get high grades during your freshman year. Of course, this does not mean you don’t have to get high grades as you get promoted to another year. But, since you will have the easiest subjects during your first year, it will be easier for you to get high grades. With this, you can have a good GWA/GPA that could pull your grades up in case you get lower grades.

Dorm Hacks

Be organized with your things. In college, you will have a very hectic schedule, so you should organize your things as much as possible. This will help you save up time since you don’t have to put things in order again and again.

Store minimal items. Given that some dorm rooms have limited space, you should only store minimal items there to get rid of clutter. In addition, given that your room is more likely to be your study place, you may want to have a spacious and a favorable environment.

Decorate your wall. Some dorm rooms can be dull and plain; however, you can turn it into something inspirational. You can hang some pictures or polaroids there or post some of your favorite verses or quotations. It’s all up to you.

Health Hacks

Create your own first aid kit. In case of minor illnesses, you can run to your own first aid kit to at least minimize the pain. You can fill this kit with medicine for colds, stomach pain, headache and allergies, bandaids, tissues, medical tape, and anything else you think you might need.

Keep you place clean. This point may not need an explanation but, keeping your place clean helps you prevent bacteria or viruses from attacking you. To do this, you may wash your bed sheets once every week or two weeks and well as the towel you use. Disinfect also the parts of your dorm where germs tend to house. And finally, sanitize your utensils regularly, if possible, sterilize them.

Take vitamins and eat healthy food. This is another no brainer hack, but still you have to stay healthy to keep going. College requires a lot of sleepless nights whether you like it or not; thus, taking your vitamins and eating healthy food is the way to somehow make it up for your health.

Additional Hack:

Take care of your mental health as well. If everything gets overwhelming for you, give yourself some time to rest. Remember that your overall health includes your mental and emotional health. So if you are taking good care of your physical body, make sure to give attention to your mental state, too.

We just gave you some of the best life hacks which you can use to survive your freshman year. What will you do among these hacks? Keep us updated!


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