Arron Villaflor gladly disclosed he is not, at this point single presenting his new accomplice Camille Buenaventura, a contender to the Mr. what’s more, Ms. Chinatown 2020 magnificence event, in a progression of Instagram posts. The 30-year-old entertainer subtitled one of the photographs he posted of them along with, “No words can characterize how upbeat I am at the present time!”.. Arron first acquainted Camille with his Instagram devotees Sept. 8 in the wake of overseeing his online media account, which was hacked.

“We are super happy that my account has been restored because I am very sad. I am very thankful because my Lovey is here since I lost my IG so that somehow my sadness will disappear, ”he said. “Is my better half delightful? Overly upbeat. Excessively upbeat, swear. Petition God for us generally. We need prayer. Don’t worry, we are also praying for you, ”he added. Late last year, Arron revealed he was once in a relationship with young actress Jane de Leon.


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