Light Rail Transit 2 (LRT-2) full operations may return to normal in two to three months, said LRT Authority spokesperson Hernando Cabrera, reclaiming the initial estimate of nine months. 

“If we are going to do a component-by-component replacement instead of doing a full unit replacement, we might be able to bring the time table down to around two to three months only, instead of a nine-month minimum,” Cabrera said on Sunday, citing the latest findings of technical personnel. 

However, the partial operations, excluding Santolan, Katipunan, and Anonas stations, have started last Tuesday.

LRTA also adjusted its operating times today. The route from Cuba to Recto, Manila now starts at 5 AM instead of 6 AM. Then, its last trip from Cubao ends at 8:30 PM and from Recto at 9 PM. 

LRT-2 runs along five cities in Metro Manila. Its operations to transport almost 200,000 passengers have been stopped since the fire that damaged a power rectifier at the Santolan Station on October 3 happened. 

“Right after the incident, we were not able to fully appreciate and make (an) assessment on what were the damaged parts of the rectifier unit,” Cabrera said.

LRT-2 West Extension Project

However, he added that after the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) gave them clearance about the incident, they did a thorough assessment of the damaged assets. 

LRT-2 had stopped operating for five days after the incident in between Anonas and Katipunan Stations. Because of the combusted rectifier substation, it had an electricity shortage. 

LRTA denied that it was because of arson or terrorism, and suspected it was burned due to struck of lightning. 

The rail transit enables daily commuters to go to-and-fro Recto, Manila and Santolan, and Pasig City. 

Moreover, LRTA announced that there are three stations that will be added in LRT-2. There will be connections that would take commuters to the shopping districts of Manila City: Tutuban, Divisoria, and Pier 4. 

The plan is part of the LRT-2 West Extension Project of the LRTA, which has P10.1 billion fund from the government. The project is targeted to be finished in 2023. 


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