Sen. Manny Pacquiao will star in an upcoming Hollywood film “Freedom Fighters,” which sets during the World War II, according to a top executive of the film. 

Inspire Studios, the producer of the film, announced that Pacquiao will portray Col. Macario Peralta Jr. 

Col. Peralta is a leader of the Philippine guerrillas who fought against Japan on Panay Island during the Second World War. 

Freedom Fighters is based on the memoirs of an American individual, Louise Spencer, who resided in a community called “Hopevale”. The community was established during the said war by a group of Americans who stayed in the Philippines. This certain group stayed to help Peralta and his army during the Japanese colonization

Together with Inspire Studios, “a major US Studio”, will also be producing the said film, according to a source from 

Francis Ho, chief executive of Inspire Studios, said they still negotiate the film to other Hollywood and Philippine studios

Regardless, the film is set to start production in 2020.

A world boxing champion, a senator, and now an actor 

Pacquiao will also portray another Philippine national hero, General Miguel Malvar in the Filipino film “Malvar”.

Probably being caught up with his duty as a senator of the Philippines, Pacman will be leading another Filipino film as well. 

Aside from Freedom Fighters, he will also portray the upcoming biopic of Gen. Miguel Malvar, entitled “Malvar”. 

However, even other kinfolks of the Gen. Malvar disagree that Pacquiao will be portraying the role, Pacquiao is already set to do the acting. 

“To have a film about my lolo Miguel would be ideal. But a film, although desirable, if not executed well and taints his legacy, would do more harm than good. I prefer not to have a film at all,” said Miguel Malvar, a great-grandson of the late General. 

Still, Gen. Malvar film production believes the project will be a big-hit. 

There is still no specific date of release, but it will surely be in the cinemas in 2020.


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