Despite being busy as a senator in the Philippines and with his here-and-there boxing career, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao still accepted to portray the national hero Miguel Malvar in a film. 

JMV Film Production recently dropped the poster of the upcoming film. It is an image of the People’s Champ with full beard and in rayadillo-style uniform. 

Jose “Kaka” Balagtas will be directing the movie and Ed Samson in screenplay. 

The biopic will tell the story of the Filipino General during the Philippine Revolution and Philippine-American War. Malvar is a Batangueño hero who later headed the Philippine revolutionary forces after the Americans had captured its former leader Emilio Aguinaldo in 1901. 

Malvar is described to be moreno, stood 5 feet 3 inches with feet size of 5 or 6, and weighed 145 pounds. 

He died of liver failure in Manila in 1901. 

Some historians believed Malvar could have been listed as one of the presidents of the Philippines, but the Philippine government does not permit it. 

Will senator Manny give justice to General Malvar?

Gabriel Malvar, a great-grandson of the general, posted on Facebook on Sunday, opposing the decision of having Pacman as his lolo Miguel

He started the post with his dismay of knowing about the film only through media, after seeing videos of the formal launch of the film. 

“I thought it was fake news. It was only after I had seen videos about the formal launch that I realized it was factual. I only found out about it like everyone else, through media,” said the younger Malvar. 

He  also said that a relative has “unilaterally decided” onto the agreement without consulting the entire clan.

Moreover, according to him, his Lolo Miguel would not like that his legacy will be associated with anyone in politics. 

“When lolo Miguel returned to the fold, he was offered the position of Governor of Batangas, which he turned down. He was also asked to head the Philippine Constabulary, which he also declined. He wanted to simply live a quiet life as a civilian, to raise his family and be a farmer. Politics was no longer for him. I do not think he would have preferred to have his name associated with anyone in politics. I would like his name and legacy totally apart from the political milieu.” 

Pacquiao to overshadow General Malvar

Younger Malvar also expressed that the big name of Manny Pacquiao will just overshadow the appreciation for his great-grandfather’s role in the sovereignty of the country.

My position on the General Miguel Malvar filmI have been receiving messages from friends with links to on-line…

Posted by Gabriel Malvar on Saturday, October 12, 2019

“He is an icon. A global brand. My fear is that he is larger than life and his character cannot be separated from Manny Pacquiao the person. If he plays lolo Miguel, the viewers will not be able to see and appreciate my grandfather. Senator Pacquiao’s personality will dominate. That is not a knock on the senator. It is the truth. He is too big to be contained in any role for that matter.”

He ended his post by telling not to destroy the memories of the remarkable individuals of the country. 

“To have a film about my lolo Miguel would be ideal. But a film, although desirable, if not executed well and taints his legacy, would do more harm than good. I prefer not to have a film at all,” he honestly added. 

However, in a statement from the production, they still believe General Malvar movie will be a blockbuster despite all the critics, because the film has an all-star cast. 


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