Responses and “truths” coming from Gretchen Barretto seem to not have an ending, as she continuously addresses the issues of Barretto family on her Instagram account. 

According to LaGreta, Marjorie caused the fatal heart attack of their father Miguel Barretto. 

“Pansin ko lang last bday ni daddy Mike wala si mommy inday…Hinahanap ko sya sa post ni Marjorie,” states the comment of a netizen who noticed the absence of Inday Barretto from the last birthday party of the late Barretto. 

“Marjorie did not invite my mom to the gathering, and that’s what caused my dad’s attack,” Gretchen replied. 

A screenshot from Gretchen Barretto’s Instagram stories.

The comment was posted on Marjorie’s Instagram post reminiscing the birthday party. 

Gretchen has been away from the Barretto family since a lot of issues have been barricading her relationship with her sisters and their parents. 

After years of absence, Greta went to Miguel’s wake and has reconciled with her mother. 

Despite this, her feud against her sister Marjorie and her nieces has been triggered even more. 

After the physical brawl at their father’s wake, the Barretto sisters have taken the battle to social media. 

Team LaGreta and Team Marjorie battles seem to not getting its ending soon. 

Many wishes them peace, but the family seems to be not yet ready for healing and put their respective pride down. 

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