The American lawyer of martial law victims continued to seek the Duterte’s administration for the settlement of the Marcos Family’s $41 million assets recovered in the US.

Atty. Robert Swift wants to give part of the Arelma funds to the members of the Hawaii class action suit, who were granted almost $2 billion in 1995.

In addition, he said that the government could also distribute the money among the victims of the martial law.

“I’ve been trying to meet with President Duterte to discuss the settlement but so far, there is no settlement under discussion,” Swift told ABS-CBN.

In 2014, the Supreme Court affirmed the government’s possession of Arelma funds amounting to $40 million.

The Arelma funds were the represented assets of late former president Ferdinand Marcos with a total of $2 million deposited with Merrill Lynch Securities in 1972 in the name of a Panamanian firm called Arelma Foundation.

Eventually, the funds had multiplied to $35 when the Presidential Commission on Good Government discovered it in 2000. 

Atty. Robert Swift hands over a check to a martial law victim. (Image source:

Meanwhile, Swift is in the Philippines to conclude the third series of the distribution of checks worth $13.75 million to 6,500 martial law victims.

The said amount was collected from the proceeds of the sold paintings retrieved from Imelda Marcos’ former secretary.

Swift said that 90% of the checks had been given out since May 1, amounting to  $1,500 each. 


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