Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso has permitted the street vendors to be back in Divisoria after the clearing operations made upon taking the official duty as the city mayor. However, allowing them back is accompanied by a set of several conditions. 

A clean and passable Divisoria after clearing operations
Image Source: ABS-CBN News

Mayor Isko told Inquirer that one of the conditions agreed upon is to observe discipline. Roads for people and vehicles should be still passable and not be occupied by vendors. If not, “I will make their Christmas sad,” said Domagoso.

Moreover, stalls of street vendors should have a measure of only 1×1 meter. If they refuse to follow the specific rule, mayor Isko expressed that it would be like mocking the government. 

Selling of goods is only allowed in the areas of Carmen Planas, Tabora Streets, and Ilaya Street near Moriones as of now.

Restricted Areas

Recto Avenue and Juan Luna Street, which are major roads, must be vendor-free at all times.

However, some vendors seem to be playing games with authorities who regularly check off-limit areas. 

One of the vendors said that she was not able to sell goods for two months right after the clearing operations in Divisoria. Her sales have not been picking up yet due to “no-vendor policy” in some areas of the city.

A vendor of grapes revealed that a nearby store keeps her good in case authorities show up, it would be safe. 


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