Ex-Mayor Antonio Sanchez of Calauan, Laguna and mastermind in the rape and murder of two University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) students, deserves a second chance for good conduct, according to Sen. Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa.

The senator said this after the news that Sanchez, who was convicted for the rape and murder of Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of her boyfriend Alan Gomez, may possibly be released soon. 

“[If] it is determined by the Board of Pardons and Parole that he deserves that commutation, then why not? He deserves a second chance in life,” Dela Rosa, former chief of the Bureau of Corrections (BuCor), said on Wednesday. 

He also said that he did not receive any reports of “adverse or derogatory” acts against Mayor Sanchez when he was still the BuCor chief. 

“According to corrections officers, nagbait na daw. In fact, nakikita nila na nagpapalda na nga daw. So changed man na talaga siya. Changed man. Bumait na. Hindi na siga,” he said.

The former mayor is one of the over 10,000 inmates who will get out of prison under the Republic Act No. 10592,  the law that increased the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) provided to the prisoners. 

The GCTA gives additional time to be deducted from the sentence of an inmate to compensate for his or her good conduct. 

“After three to five years of serving his sentence and he has no offense committed inside one incarceration and has shown good conduct… he’s given at least 20 days of GCTA per month so bali credited ito this is credited sa kanyang sentence,” Dela Rosa said.

“If his sentence is 30 years, life imprisonment, because one life imprisonment is 30 years, ibabawas doon sa 30 yung kanyang allowance na nag-earn while behaving good inside the jail, inside the corrections, while serving his sentence. Kaya bumababa,” the senator added.

Moreover, Dela Rosa stated that they would let the public check the individual records of the inmates, including the offenses they made while serving inside the prison. 

“Makikita naman yan. Yung individual record of an inmate. Makikita mo yan doon kung mayroon siya na-commit na offence during his stay, during his service of his sentence. Makikita yan doon,” he said. 

“Kung wala naman, makikita rin na malinis yung kanyang record and yung computation is open to the public. Pwede nilang i-question yung computation kung ito ay hindi accordance with the law, makikita nila doon yang computation na yan.”

The bodyguards of Sanchez allegedly gave Sarmenta as a gift to him, witnesses claiming that the mayor, together with his bodyguards, gang-raped the UP student. On the other hand, the guards beat up Gomez then shoot him to death.


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