Microsoft is introducing their new keyboards which feature two additional keys intended for Microsoft Office and emoji. 

Earlier this year, the company considered adding Office key to their keyboards and now, the tech giant has finally released its latest Ergonomic Keyboard and slim Bluetooth Keyboard with inclusion of the said buttons. 

Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard (Image source:

The Office key took the place of right hand Windows key. Upon clicking, it will automatically launch Office for Windows 10. The key can also be used as shortcut for opening Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher, and other Office Tools. For instance, you may enter the Office key + W to launch Word and Office key + X to open Excel. 

Microsoft’s latest keyboard also comes with the newest emoji key which is placed right beside the Office key. Clicking on this key will make a pop-up menu appear with an emoji picker in Windows 10, just like with the social networking sites. However, this will not allow you to create shortcuts or assign it to a particular emoji. 

Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard (Image source:

Both Office and emoji keys are shortcuts that will save help save time of users, the same as how the Start Menu Windows key works. 

So far, the Ergonomic Keyboard, which sells for $59.99 or about P3,100, and the Bluetooth Keyboard, retails for $49.99 or about P2,500, are only available in the United States.


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