Microsoft has unveiled its new Surface devices with twin-screens that resembles a book! 

On Wednesday, the company shared the news and plan to to force up and steal a spot in the smartphone game next year with its notepad-sized device. 

Surface Duo is described as a “new category” of device which claims to fit in a pants pocket with its 5.6-inch screens. The screens can be unfolded and the phone works well with its Android operating system. 

It is a phone supported by Google Android mobile software, which can run applications and even make telephone calls. 

“You are going to talk about it as a phone, and I get that,” Microsoft chief product officer Panos Panay said at a Surface event in New York of Duo

He said the phone will able you to write, text, do what you want, and do no wrong as the product is a “Surface”. 

Microsoft is back at it

Aside from the Duo, Microsoft will be launching its foldable Neo tablet, Surface laptops, and earbuds as the tech titan unveiled its current lineup of Surface computing devices in New York. 

Microsoft had surrendered its line of redemption then to Apple’s and Google’s operating system after its Windows-powered smartphones failed. 

The Windows phone 8.1 back in 2014 | Image Source: ZD Net blog site

However, as known to give cloud computing and other business services, the firm still attracts considerable revenue from Windows, a software which ables the vast majority of computers. 

“I believe the third time’s a charm for Microsoft and smartphones as conditions for a Surface smartphone’s success have turned in favor of the company,” analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy said. 

He also added that the come-back of Microsoft is just right as it will give new and radical foldable design that may entice buyers. 

The company believes that building their devices through the Android mobile operating system gives them the good foundation for Duo. Their new line of devices also seek to replace bulky tablets and laptops in many cases.

“We wanted to build experiences that span all devices in our lives,” Satya Nadella, the chief executive of Microsoft, said. 


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