Your LOcq4l j3j3 gHuÖrl and vlogger Mimiyuuuh has achieved another milestone as she is now the second Filipino celebrity to be a voice option for navigation app Waze. 

In one of the clips uploaded on Twitter, she can be heard instructing drivers “It’s your girl Mimiyuuuh! Mag-ingat po tayo sa pag-drive po at mag-seatbelt tayo, opo.”

Mimiyuuh’s voice is now a option on Waze app (Image source: ABS-CBN Twitte)

Mimiyuuuh, whose birth name is Jeremy Sancebuche, is the second Filipino celebrity to be featured on Waze, after Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

Gray, however, narrated her directions in English which were added last September.

Her traffic directions shows her unique “kulot” pronunciations, and her famous introduction “Hey guys, it’s your girl.”

Right now, Mimiyuuuh is one of the rising internet stars, with 1.77 million subscribers in her official YouTube channel and about 614,000 followers on Instagram.

She rose to fame when his video for the “Dalagang Pilipina” challenge went viral. Since then, Mimiyuuuh captured the hearts of her fans through her witty vlogs and funny antics. 

She has also appeared in many television shows like Magandang Buhay and Gandang Gabi Vice.

In 2017, Waze first added the Filipino language in traffic directions with the voice of a woman named Adora.


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