Joanna Marie Rabe of Zambales declared a few days before the coronation night that she will not be competing in this year’s Miss Universe Philippine. “Hello, everybody!! I’m writing to notify you that my Miss Universe Philippines trip has been cut short due to unforeseen circumstances. My physicians told me that I would need additional time to rebuild my strength after contracting Dengue Fever earlier this week,” Rabe posted on Instagram.

Rabe Joanna stated that she will be eternally grateful to all who assisted her in her pageant adventure. She exclaimed, “I’ve grown so much.” In the future, Joanna wishes to see everyone on a bigger stage and in much better circumstances. “Thank you a lot!” Stay safe, and may God bless you all. ” Joanna’s pageantry colleagues were quick to express their congratulations. “Jojo misses you here!!,” Maureen Wroblewitz wrote. I wish you a speedy recovery! I am really proud of you! Jojowant tobe, I adore you.”

Hannah Arnold continued, “I adore you, gorgeous!” I remember thinking you were a queen the first time we met in 2019! We are incredibly proud of you and eagerly await your triumphant return! Jo, get well soon.” “We are thinking of and praying for you, sis,” Ayn Bernos added. “Get well as quickly as possible.”


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