The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has localized more than 174,000 abroad Filipinos during the COVID-19 pandemic. The DFA a week ago localized 9,671 Filipinos from different districts the world over, bringing the complete number of localized Filipinos to 174,039 since February 2020. “The DFA stays persistent in encouraging more flights, especially from the Middle East. This week, the DFA brought home more than 7,500 of our nationals from the said area through 27 unique business bringing home flights,” the division said in an announcement. The office said 11 of these showed up from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), seven from Saudi Arabia, four from Qatar, three from Bahrain, and one each from Kuwait and Oman.

The DFA said it encouraged the bringing home of more than 2,800 Filipino sailors, including a Filipino angler who floated in the waters of Central Sulawesi in April 2020. The division said it likewise helped a Filipino malignant growth understanding who showed up in Manila from Thailand last Wednesday. The DFA, along with its Philippine international safe havens, offices, and connected organizations around the globe, remains completely dedicated to bringing home our nationals abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic,” the division included.


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