Interestingly, the Collins English Dictionary named NFT (non-fungible token) the word of the year. In the top 3 words of 2021, in addition to NFT, the words crypto and metaverse are included.

According to the creators of VUCOWorld, which operates in the Dubai Free Trade Area (UAE) and produces the crypto token VUCOCoin, digital (virtual) assets are becoming quite popular in the world and the market for such assets is growing as the number of authors and buyers grows. 

One of the elements of such market, which is rapidly gaining capitalization, is NFT – a modern digital asset that exists on the blockchain and is irreplaceable in nature.

NFT is essentially a unique digital asset which has its own unique expression and price. In fact, any product can be tokenized and transferred to NFT. At present, the tokenization of works of art is quite common. Pictures, videos, pictures, magazine covers, songs, albums of artists and anything can be tokenized. In this case, the author of the work may have a physical masterpiece and digitized.

Here’s another nice bonus!

This feature of the technology allows us to consider the blockchain one of the most reliable structures for data storage. Therefore, the blockchain is used to store so-called tokens – digital certificates that guarantee the fulfillment of certain obligations. In other words, it is a blockchain analogue of stocks or bonds.

Company VUCOWorld represents a unique collection called NFT MUSCLE-FOOD. These NFT tokens are extremely valuable and now sell for $4,000 USD each. 


Think like a king, devour like a king. Make your NFT assets mouthwatering with MUSCLE-FOODS NFT Collection. This collection has 10,000 characters of muscle foods to keep you healthy, happy and wise.


Introducing the NFT-token Mochi Head from VUCO WORLD!

Buy now Mochi Head – NFT-token from VUCOWORLD

As you know, VUCOWorld will have its own NFT Marketplace IN GAMEVU, where players can trade characters, weapons and other items in the game. 

The very first edition of NFT release and characters from the VUCOWorld will be in game in 2022. VUCOCOIN will hold exceptional value and will be scarce and in huge supply. Only 10,000 of these super rare NFT will ever be minted through the super staking during our VUCOWorld METAVERSE Event in 2022.

Vuco World will collaborate with traditional gaming companies to integrate them onto the blockchain and develop new blockchain gaming features.

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And there is the Vuco World Billboard! Have you heard of this?

VUCO World Billboard Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Slots 001 will be used to advertise inside VUCO World Virtual Meta-Verse. Landowners and Billboard slot holders who own these signs will be able to sell their products and services inside VUCO world by choosing prime locations to erect special slotted billboards with 001 being the strongest of all slot signs.

Owners of these Billboards who own a slot advertising will have the right to put these advertising billboards up in the best premium locations depending on the number slot they own with 001 slot being best.

There will only be 100 slot billboards minted in Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with 001 through 100 inside. These advertising slots can be placed in the best locations attracting people to your brand and company. These slot billboards with total only 500 with no other sign ever to be minted for these special locations. 

Buy now Vuco World billboard

Interest in NFT tokens led to the emergence earlier this year of a number of startups working with this technology. In particular, the Decentraland virtual real estate project, created in 2015, which can be compared to the Metaworld, became one of the record holders among NFT deals at the end of November. Canadian company bought a virtual property here worth $ 2.4 million. 

Buyers plan to create spaces on the purchased “meters”, where they will sell virtual clothes and avatars for users of the metaverse.



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