Nadine Lustre shared some of her struggles and insecurities since JaDine (James Reid-Nadine Lustre fan club) has boomed in 2015 and the death of her brother in October 2017. 

Nadine Lustre considered her filming of “Never Not Love You” her most challenging phase in career.

She was not physically and emotionally ready then, as the start of their shooting was just three months after her younger brother died. 

“It was the most challenging movie for me because of what was happening [at] that time. I was lost, so depressed. I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to work. I didn’t even want to see my friends,” Nadine said during the event of a beauty brand she endorses.

“I wanted to just stay at home and grieve. I was down,” Lustre recalled. 

Although making the film has been her lowest during that time, Nadine’s hardships have paid off as she bagged three critics-based awards in just a span of three months — the Young Critics Circle, Gawad Urian, and FAMAS

“I’m thankful to all the people who stuck with me and supported me. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide if you want to move on.”

A tougher Nadine 

After all those struggles she has faced in her career and personal life, she became tougher but revealed that she is not yet immuned to insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. 

“In terms of appearance, I do have my share of insecurities—I wish I were taller!” she said laughing. 

“But you know, at the end of the day, you just have to accept those things. Be happy and thankful. And work with what you’ve got.”

Lustre always makes sure that she does things best, and then feels frustrated by herself if she has not attained the standard she set for herself.

“I get upset when I feel I didn’t push myself enough during a scene. I get disappointed when I don’t achieve something I want. I get upset when I get a creative block—when I can’t write, paint or dance.”

Aside from the standards she sets for herself, the standards of other people for her also get into her at times. 

“All these comments, bashing on social media … people who want me to fit their mold. It (2015, while doing ‘On the Wings of Love’) was a time when I felt lost; I was questioning myself a lot,”

“But I soon realized that I should stop listening to these [negative things] people say about me and just be myself.”

She also added that James Reid has been a big part of the process of making herself better

“He taught me to open up whenever I have issues, big or small. He tells me that you can’t just hold onto these things because they will just pile up and do you harm.”

She revealed that she was afraid in opening up to her loved ones as she wanted to put on a brave face for them. 

“I used to be afraid to confide in my loved ones about my problems or the things that make me sad, because I always wanted to put on a brave face,” Lustre admitted. 

Now, the actress is enjoying her well-deserved break by focusing more on important little matters. 

“I’m having fun, just chilling at home and not worrying too much. I’m doing errands, managing my finances.”


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