“Shabu” or Methamphetamine hydrochloride is no longer produced in the Philippines, Philippine National Police (PNP) spokesperson Brig. Gen Bernard Banac said Wednesday. 

According to him, the recently seized shabu from big-time operations were packed with foreign markings.

Moreover, the PNP and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) were in fact able to annihilate 14 clandestine laboratories and demolished 419 drug dens since the drug war started in 2016, added Banac contradicting the Vice President’s claim that the government barely notched the surface of the drug problem in the country. 

“This could not be the one percent cited by Vice President Leni. This may be in fact the 100 percent rate of success for at this time, there is no more local production of shabu in the country. We consider it a 100-percent rate and not one percent,” he claimed in an interview. 

Banac noted that shabu is now being smuggled in the country by international drug syndicates. 

He also pointed out that the assessment of VP Leni is “really unfair,” considering the great number of destroyed clandestine laboratories and drug dens. 

However, Banac said the VP’s tirades on the drug war will not discourage them but became a guide for them to do better. 

“With her 18 days as co-chair of ICAD (Inter-Agency Committee on Anti-Illegal Drugs), it’s not a complete picture of the situation. She may have gotten the data incompletely. So we see that all this would be a challenge for us. But we thank her for all the comments and suggestions,” Banac said. 

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