Park Bo-gum responds to rumors linking him to SongSong couple divorce

Is he the third party behind the SongSong couple's divorce?


South Korean actor Park Bo-gum has responded to rumors linking his name to Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo’s divorce.

After Joong-ki’s announcement of filing a divorce to Hye-kyo on Thursday, there have been speculations that Bo-gum may have something to do with the issue as he co-starred with Hye Kyo in the recent drama, “Encounter”.

According to the information spreading on the Internet, the two allegedly developed a romantic relationship while doing their drama series. 

Related to this malicious accusations, Bo-gum’s agency, Blossom Entertainment, released an official statement to the Korea Herald.

Park Bo-gum, who recently starred in the drama with Song Hye-kyo, is unexpectedly mentioned in the rumor. It is offensive that Park’s name is mentioned in the divorce,” an official from Blossom Entertainment said. 

In addition, the agency stated that they will take legal against the rumors who spread linking Bo-gum to the SongSong couple divorce.

“The agency will take strong action against groundless rumors regarding Park. Rumors about Park Bo-gum and Song Hye-kyo are absolutely not true,” the official said.

Joong-ki and Bo-gum are known to be close friends and to be under the same entertainment label. In fact, the two became famous for their “bromance” and being supportive of each other. Joong-ki teared up while Bo-gum was giving his emotional speech during the 2017 KBS Drama Awards and Bo Gum was spotted crying in the SongSong couple’s wedding.

Before the announcement of the couple’s divorce, Bo-gum recently visited the Philippines for his fan meeting last June 22.


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