Pia Wurtzbach has shared her support for the community pantry, calling it “evidence of Bayanihan’s unwavering spirit.” “I took some time to really think about it and appreciate what we’re up against as a country. The community pantry is, in my opinion, a fantastic project. “Yet another example of Bayanihan’s unwavering spirit,” she wrote on Twitter. However, she understands some people’s reservations and concerns, especially when it comes to ongoing health protocols. “It’s been a year since the pandemic struck, and everybody is just struggling to get by. I believe it is a call to action for us to assist in every way we can.

“We’ll share what we can, and if we can, we’ll remain at home,” she said. Miss Universe 2015 has encouraged her fans to get vaccinated as soon as possible. “It serves as a wonderful reminder of what we can do as a team,” she said. “We have the ability to demand a better scheme, and we should.”


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